SS Card Counting System

The Uston: SS Card Counting System is developed by Ken Uston in 1980s. The "SS" means Strongest and Simplest. This is a strategy that compromise between system with best strength and easiest to learn on playing game. This system was also created by Arnold Snyder and Sam Case. This system works in level 111. The index range from -3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2,+3). The cards in the deck have 7 numbers that are assigned. You have to add or subtract the corresponding count point to your running count and mentally keep the track on head. You must be good in mathematics if you are using this system.

While using the Uston: SS Card Counting System you should keep in mind the fast counting system so that will not lose in counting. This is unbalanced system therefore your counting start and end counting is not the same. The rule is that you should multiply -2 by the number of decks to get your first counting. If you are playing 20 decks in a shoe, you should start counting on -40 on the new shuffled deck. If you start counting-40, play blackjack using perfect basic strategy and start counting the cards. If your cards go above 0, means you have a 1% advantage over the house. So that is a good signal for going to the winning title.

Although Uston: SS Card Counting System is in level 111 strategies, it is considered easier than any other level 11 and 1V systems and it recognizes aces and unbalanced. It has the highest connection on any card counting and has an accurate system with the predictions on how to get highest betting. Since this more advance counting system, the idea is the same with Hi-Lo Card Counting System that involves six values rather than 3 values. The only difficult in this situation is the memorization of the card value.


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